K-Fed slams Britney’s boyfriend

Britney Spears has been reportedly seeing Howie Day whom she met in rehab. Everyone says this guy is a loser, but Britney doesn’t care. (Why does this sound familiar?) When Kevin Federline heard about the romance, he had some choice words.

He lit up a cigarette and said he guessed you have to head to the dump to find trash, referring to how Britney and Howie met while in rehab.

Kevin must have forgotten his roots. He needs one of those epiphanies where his life flashes before his eyes and he realizes the error of his ways. One that can only be had from a near death experience. This aluminum bat should do the trick. Correction. These aluminum bats.

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Al Kruc
16 years ago

Is he referring to rehab as a dump? Who the hell does he think he is? What a pathetic, self-righteous comment made from the peanut gallery. He is the epitome of what this country does not need. Commenting on his ex-wife’s life is a sorry attempt for publicity. He has no self-worth.