Kate Moss goes missing, returns with powder stains

Kate Moss doesn’t live very far from China Tang where she ate last night which is why it’s a mystery where Kate went between 9:30 p.m. and midnight. When she finally showed up at her house, her dress was covered in specks of white powder. Delicious white powder.

Moss, who this week is celebrating the runaway success of her new Topshop range, had been dining with friends at China Tang restaurant in London’s Dorchester hotel.

But what she got up to in the two-and-a-half hours between leaving Park Lane and arriving at her north London home remains a mystery.

Kate Moss leaves London’s China Tang restaurant with Sir Philip Green after the launch of her clothing range
Wearing her trademark waistcoat and skinny black jeans, she climbed into the car looking calm and serious.
By the time she got out, without the waistcoat, she seemed a little the worse for wear.

Slow down, let’s not be hasty in condemning this girl. It could be from a lot of things. Things like cocaine and…yea. By now, no one cares what drug Kate Moss does. She’s like some sort of junkie superhero. Clark Kent is powered by the sun. Kate Moss is powered by doing lines of coke off someone’s ass crack. Years of research says she should be in some half-way house looking like Fergie and stealing plastic gnomes off lawns to sell for drugs. Instead, she’s one of the world’s highest paid models. Life is funny that way. Click here to see the full picture with the powdery evidence.

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15 years ago

Well done Ms Moss! Let Her Kateness have some fun, I say!

15 years ago

I dont think she takes drugs…Could be talcum poweder :p

15 years ago

I love her…Drugs or no Drugs !!

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