Katie Holmes plays when Tom Cruise is away

Life&Style via MSNBC reports Katie Holmes has been flirting with her co-star Adam Rothenberg on the set of the upcoming movie Mad Money.

“They shot a scene in which Adam wrapped his arms around Katie’s waist, then the two of them had an intimate discussion,” a “set insider” told L&S. “They lingered after the director said ‘cut,’ and it got everyone talking.”

“One day, Katie was touching Adam’s arm while they were talking, like girls do when they like somebody.”

A rep. for Tom Cruise said he isn’t worried and is very confident in his relationship with Katie, i.e. There’s a remote shock collar fully equipped with GPS and live audio strapped to her inner thigh. A wrong move could potentially send 1,000 volts through her body. So yea, Tom Cruise isn’t worried at all.

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