Lindsay Lohan goes to rehab, again

This past Sunday, Lindsay was seen partying hard at Teddy’s despite crashing her car, fleeing the scene and subsequently, being arrested for DUI. On Monday, In Touch Weekly reported Lindsay Lohan was returning to rehab. After a fake stint at Wonderland, Lohan is checking into Promises Malibu, the same center Britney Spears went to after her breakdown.

“She finally realizes it’s the right thing to do,” a close friend of the 20-year-old actress tells In Touch exclusively. “She is going willingly.”

There’s no word on whether or not she thinks we’re all idiots. Because the first time was so convincing. What with Lindsay hiding vodka and saying rehab was only to get people off her back. Promises should just tell her to punch herself in the face really hard for 45 minutes. It probably won’t stop her from doing coke, but it will teach her about something or other and isn’t that all that matters?

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