Lindsay Lohan is cheap

Lucky Club’s Gifting and Hospitality suite at New York’s Ritz Carlton hotel is a place celebs go to receive “gifts” from vendors who want their products to be seen with A-listers. Lindsay Lohan was there loading up on items such as a digital photo storer called the Polaroid Media Backup among other expensive items.

Onlookers went a little slack-jawed as vendors from Lamb, Milk, and Lia Sophia “had to make many quick runs back to their stock room to make sure Lohan had enough of their [products]” according to a source, who says that the highly-paid actress stocked up on extra pairs of free sunglasses.

I’d ask why Lindsay needed all this free stuff when she’s rich, but I would do the same thing. I would even take stuff I don’t need. Like bras and panties. I can use them to impress my friends. I’ll lay them out on the floor before they come over and when they see it, I’ll act embarrassed and mention something about orgies and not enough lube while picking them up. They’ll slap my back and call me the man. That’s when I prop my feet up on the table and say, “Just livin’ the life brotha. Just livin’ the life.” Hmm, now where to find these friends.

Here’s Lindsay at Maxim’s Top 100 party.

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