Marilyn Manson had real sex?

That’s the NSFW video for Marilyn Manson’s new single Heart-Shaped Glasses whose name is just as retarded as the video. Today, Radar reports that Manson and mid-life crisis girlfriend Evan Rachel Wood had very real sex while filming the scene in the beginning. The one where Rachel fakes an orgasm.

According to a source close to the production crew, Manson and Wood elected not to fake their intercourse. Though their naughty bits are concealed on-screen by bedclothes and each other’s bodies, the logistics of the shoot ensured the crew members had an intimate view of the proceedings: The video was originally intended to be shot in 3-D, meaning the couple’s writhings had to be shot from several different angles simultaneously. And just to be sure they got it right, Manson and Wood got it on three times for the cameras.

I thought the only people who listened to Marilyn Manson have either killed themselves from the embarrassment or run out of money to buy makeup with. Apparently, there’s still a few people left which means we have to endure his shitty music for another year. Even more so now that he’s dating 19-year-old Rachel Evan Wood and simulating sex in music videos. If Manson was really controversial, he’d stab himself in the heart with an ice pick. You hear that Manson? I’m calling you out.

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