Mick Jagger tried to enlarge his penis with bees

Last week, Janice Dickinson appeared on Jonathan Ross and humiliated Mick Jagger saying, “Mick Jagger has a very small penis.” Now film director Julien Temple reveals while filming scenes for the 1982 movie Fitzcarraldo, Mick Jagger took to the jungle and performed an Amazonian marriage ritual in an attempt to enlarge his penis. The act involved putting bamboo over his member and filling it with bees so his penis would swell to the size of the bamboo.

Did it work? I really need to know. For, um, research purposes. Can I achieve the same results with PVC pipe from Home Depot? Again, for research. Hm, where to find bees? Uh, because I like honey and it’s cheaper making it yourself. Totally unrelated to the story. God, I hope my penis isn’t severley allergic to bee stings.

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Who Da Man 2000
Who Da Man 2000
13 years ago

Janice Dick-in-son has a huge cavernous vagina. That’s why she is so worried about penis size. Many women who talk about size suffer from a condition known as “I stuck too many large objects in my vagina” syndrome and now require a large penis to be able to enjoy sex.