Nicole Richie not in rehab, but might have been?

Both Star and The National Enquirer earlier claimed Nicole Richie went to rehab for anorexia and an addiction to pills. They reported the 83 lb. Simple Life star checked into Beau Monde Treatment Center in Corona Del Mar, California on May 11 and after several days of detox, started out-patient treatment.

However, Nicole Richie’s rep told Us Magazine she isn’t in rehab, but rather, at home in Glendale. That is to say, Nicole isn’t in rehab currently. So, was she? It’s 2 against 1 and my years of experience has taught me if more people report than deny it, then it must be true. Like when I got all my friends to call that one kid a pants-wetter and then he wet his pants. Confirmed!

Star and National Enquirer claim to have pictures of Nicole Richie entering Beau Monde.

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16 years ago

A lot of things point that she was in Rehab

16 years ago

I hope not