Paula Abdul is a mess

The New York Post obtained a tape of Paula Abdul breaking down and sobbing on a recent conference call. The American Idol judge can be heard whining about her former publicist and the shoddy treatment she gave her. Page Six has the details.

She sobs on the tape: “I’ve never been treated this way and I’ve never seen anybody treated this way. This is just too much to stomach.” Abdul is assured by those hearing her wails, “You will be treated better starting right now.”

“I’ve been going through tremendous amounts of a difficult time,” said Abdul.

Ranting about Bragman, who apparently didn’t appreciate her enough, the petite former pop star says: “I do a call-in every week for OK! Magazine on ‘American Idol.’ Because of my brilliant job, they want to do a cover on me. I’m being told by Howard Bragman that I’m too old and no one will ever want to do a cover.

“I’m being tested. All I’ve ever wanted in my life is to be treated fairly and be treated with kindness. And I’ve never in my entire career been treated this way. The people who are supposed to take care of these things do not. I have to clean up after them everywhere they go. And I’m tired of it.

“Howard Bragman on Monday – he did some disgusting behavior. I had to go to Jimmy Kimmel,” Abdul is heard sobbing, “with no publicist there. [Abdul appeared on Kimmel’s show on May 15.] I go on with no publicist there and I pay this man . . .

“I don’t understand how this man can call me a whining bitch. I’ve never in my life been called a whining bitch and a loser.”

Oh, I think I can understand. What’s she famous for anyway? That one song when I was a kid with that cartoon thing in the music video? I can’t even remember and if I can’t remember, then she doesn’t deserve to be famous. Kind of like what I tell the women demanding child support from me. I don’t remember having sex with you so it didn’t happen. So what if you have “DNA evidence.” Your big words don’t scare me

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