Rosie and Elisabeth fight again

Rosie O’Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselbeck clashed once again on The View. The debate was over Rosie’s position on the troops in Iraq where she insinuated they were terrorists. They began going at it like hungry badgers after Rosie called Elisabeth cowardly.

As the two squared off, the other cohosts — Joy Behar and guest Sherri Shepherd — were trapped uncomfortably in the middle, and Behar repeatedly attempted to change the subject or distract the sparring women. “Who is directing the show?” she asked. “Let’s go to commercial.”

Later on, Rosie made a blog post alluding to the fact that she may have been fired.

like it or not
tomorrow kelli turns 40
i will not be at work

This is about as thrilling as sticking a fork into my pee-hole. Given the chance, I’d rather kiss an airplane propeller than watch The View. At least then, death would come quick.

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