Shrek 3 breaks records

Shrek 3 shattered some records after taking in $122 million over the weekend. The animated sequel now holds the record for biggest opening weekend by an animated movie, dethroning the previous title holder, Shrek 2 and pushed Spider-Man 3 into second place at the box office. Despite opening to mixed reviews, Shrek 3, featuring the voices of Mike Meyers, Cameron Diaz, Eddie Murphy and Antonio Banderas, also had the third highest grossing movie opening behind Spider-Man 3 and Pirates of the Carribean 2.

Pirates of the Carribean 3 is opening this week and is expected to break every record it can. Until Transformers opens. Or until I release that movie I’ve been working on about a guy on a journey of self-discovery encountering adversity along the way. It’s a 90 minute saga of me on the toilet going poop after which I realize I ran out of toilet paper. That’s the first 20 minutes. The remaining 70 minutes consists of me yelling for someone to bring me another roll. It’s an indie movie. You probably wouldn’t understand.

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