Spider-Man 3 sets records

Spider-Man 3

Despite opening to bleak reviews, Spider-Man 3 earned $148 million over the weekend besting the previous record of $135.6 million set by Pirates of the Caribbean 2. On Friday, Spider-Man took in $55.8 million breaking the opening day record also held by Pirates. The number two movie in the nation is Disturbia which earned $5.7 million over the weekend and $59.8 million overall; a number Spider-Man 3 almost beat in one day. Spider-Man’s worldwide total is estimated at $375 million; $125 million short of the projected $500 million used by marketing and production.

According to these numbers, Spider-Man is everyone’s favorite movie hero. According to my numbers, I’m everyone’s favorite real life hero. Just yesterday I had sex with your girlfriend and drank your beer so you didn’t have to. No thanks are necessary.

  • Taj

    He he

    I dont have a girlfriend :p

  • Kewl

    OMG !!!

    Thats a great record

    The Movie wasn’t that great though


    The movie sucked

    The villains sucked

    Spiderman Sucked

    How come their earnings rocked ?

  • Swapnil

    I liked the movie

    Wasnt that bad !!

  • Neha

    Spiderman is everyone’s favorite hero !!

    Who said so ?

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