The Hoff is a boring drunk

This is the complete video of David Hasselhoff drunk and unable to eat a hamburger. The man who brought you classic videos such as Hooked on a Feeling and Jump in My Car, is a disappointingly boring drunk. The least he could do is beat his kid or parade around in a gimp outfit with a ball gag in his mouth. This video was meant for his fans after all and I believe I speak for everybody when I say, if there isn’t a broom handle sticking halfway out of Hasselhoff’s ass while a midget tickles his balls, then it doesn’t belong on the internet.

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15 years ago

This is just really SAD … It sounds like his daughter is just a young girl, what a disgrace … I kind of always liked the corny nature of ‘The Hoff’, & this type of thing goes to show no matter how many millions of dollars a person may have, & Hoff has many many, they are not immune from bad weather, internal demons are with us all. Trying to stay centered when the bad weather sets in, is key. Maybe him seeing this, & knowing that it’s all over the net it will somehow aid in his realization that… Read more »

15 years ago

Sad Sad Sad

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