The Hoff is drunk

The Hoff entertains again with his video of himself; drunk; eating a hamburger. Amaaaazing. In the footage obtained by who the hell knows anymore, a family member is shown pleading with a plastered Hoff to stop drinking or he’ll get fired from his show and so on.

During the video, Hasselhoff is repeatedly asked why he continued to “do this” to himself.
Hasselhoff, who is presently locked in a bitter custody battle for his daughters with his ex-wife Pamela Bach, mumbled, “Cause, I’m lonely. I have trouble in my life.”

The family member responded, “You have me.” To which Hasselhoff replied, “I don’t have you in my life… bull___… I don’t have you… I don’t have you.”

The family member declared, “You are throwing your life away. It is stupid.”

Cut! That my friends is how you stay relevant. Especially if you’re The Hoff. He brilliantly found a way to top those music videos he’s been putting out. Eat your heart out Woody Allen. This guy is so cool, I want to be like him. I even superglued steel wool to my chest. Call me ladies!

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15 years ago

Some people are just soooooooooo weird !!

Oh no !!
Oh no !!
15 years ago

Weird ??????? That is crazyyyyyyyyyy

15 years ago

This is some good entertainment… at his expense though !!

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