Verizon abandons Akon


Verizon has severed all ties from Akon after the dry humping video of him and a 15-year-old girl from Trinidad surfaced. Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds chimed in on Fox News that Akon should be prosecuted.

Verizon promoted Akon as one of the musicians on its mobile-phone music service, and said it would no longer sponsor the Gwen Stefani tour in which Akon, who recently performed on “American Idol,” is the opening act.

Akon would be smart to lay low for a while. Preferably in a community supportive of his unique marketing tactics. I hear jail is nice this time of year. There’s nothing better on a hot summer day than being confined between four slabs of cool concrete. Avoid the daily shankings and it’ll be a virtual paradise. Even Paris Hilton is doing it.

  • emma

    Why cant people go on with life ??

    Forget whatever happened !!

  • emma

    I didnt see his performance on American Idol…Shit !!

  • Mr.Right

    Akon is stupid …

  • JP

    It was an 18 and over show. While we all know people get in with fakes, the guy can’t be blamed for underage people sneaking in.

  • N.

    Akon is CORNY! and GREZZY LOOKING!

  • JustSayin…

    I don’t know what the big deal is. So what if she was underage; most of u didn’t know it until you were told. Much less Akon. And….i hear she was a hoe lolol

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