Afternoon time wasters

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  • Pajiba: There’s a movie about killer sheep! Hopefully, not like that one about killer rabbits.
  • Bastardly: Hayden Panettiere smokes cigarettes. Tsk, tsk. Not even 18.
  • Drunken Stepfather: Some girl from Flavor Of Love has a sex tape.
  • CityRag: Hollywood Garbage Pail Kids
  • Celebitchy: Tabloids end Reese and Jake’s relationship, not that we remembered it
  • Bossip: Beyonce hates the taste of alcohol yet sips on a Martini.
  • Celebslam: Suri Cruise is walking. One day, she’ll walk right into the ocean, never to return.
  • DH: Catherine Zeta-Jones is Riddled With Insecurity
  • WWTDD: See? Rehab is easy.
  • Egotastic: Rachel Bilson Cuteness Overload
  • Jossip: O.J. Simpson Wants TMZ’s First Amendment Rights Protected
  • IDLYITW: Victoria Beckham is Tacky and Cheap
  • EB: Barker Not Endorsing Rosie for “Price is Right” Replacement
  • AB: Another Kick In The Doherty Nuts
  • CH: If Will Smith is so smart, how come he made Wild Wild West?
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