Amy Winehouse is a freak

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse interviewed with rock mag Spin and it was disturbing. Winehouse posed for a photo shoot with a broken shard of mirror and later on, used that shard to carve “I love Blake” into her stomach in front of the interviewer. She then went into the bathroom several times, repeatedly checking her nose with the broken mirror. Amy then said,

‘I don’t care. I don’t care about any of this and I don’t have much of an opinion on myself.’
‘I write songs because I’m f***ed in the head and need to get something good out of something bad.’
‘I thought ‘I’m going to die if I don’t write down the way I feel I’m going to do myself in.’ It’s nothing spectacular.
‘And if I did I’d be a f***ing right ****, wouldn’t I?’

Amy Winehouse is like the hardcore version of Britney Spears. If Britney Spears had balls and conviction and was even more f’d in the head, this is what she would be doing. Instead, Britney possesses none of these qualities which means we get to see her running around with her flab flopping around like a 50-year-old mom trying to seduce teenage boys. We’re really lucky.

Amy Winehouse performsAmy Winehouse performsAmy Winehouse performsAmy Winehouse performsAmy Winehouse performs

  • lookwhaticando

    She looks realy good in the first picl

  • DK

    She always looks good, cause she has her own style and not many people have that. And I really don’t think people should be saying all this shit about her. I think people should see her for the talented voice she has, and not for all the rumors about her. Yeah she drinks but who does’nt? As she says herself – “A problem is a problem and if i could’nt sort it out myself i would’nt talk about it”.
    So stop talking shit about the girl! She’s amazing.

  • chryssi

    amy winehouse sucks. her head is way too big for her body and that hair sure doesnt help and her tattoos are a shame to the art form. They suck so hard!! I also hate her because she called lilly allen fat. Lily allen is way cooler than amy big head any day

  • rick

    are those cuts on her arm in the second photos of the ones at the bottom?
    wow…if they are.
    i still did her art – the harm she does is to herself. i’d have to discount numerous rock and jazz artists if i were to gauge their talent and musical gifts based on their self-abuse. hell, many of us do shit to ourselves all day long and don’t give as much of our lives to others as these artists do. unfortunately, too much attention is paid to image these days.

    don’t feel sorry for amy. feel sorry for the generation growing up in this world in which image means more than talent.
    don’t hate amy. hate rupert murdoch and the likes of him and his.

  • (fake email…seriously…dont email me…PLEASE) anaways

    i think she’s pretty buuuuuuuuut….i think her songs are very repetative and boring. she could write anything she wants 2 and she allways sticks with the slow casuall ghetto groups and jazz stuff. WHICH IS FINE but it just gets REALLY old REALLY fast in my opinion. it also seems as though she is trying a little 2 hard 2 b “hardcore”. what with the tatoos and the piercings, the makeup. everthing.

    and is she trying 2 act all depressed and stuff? like she said “i write songs bcuz i’m f****** in the head”. news 4 u amy, not every star is a screw up crazy prsn. and u seem completly normal 2 me.

    last but not least, bcuz of all the forgiving studio equipment, she sounds good. but i heard her live on lalapallooza and her voice sounded high pitched,squeaky,and weak. i know artists dont sound exactaly the same live, but this was just dreadfull in my opinion.

    oh, one more thing, a rock magazine? come on. she’s ghetto pop junk. she just tries like heck 2 pull of the rocker look. she does a HORRIBLE job at it.
    sighned…a dorky 14 yr old.

  • Amy Manhouse

    Amy Winehouse isn’t a woman at all, Amy is a man. The flattest man-ass you’ve ever seen, a shaved apple, a wide face and jaw. Surgery can do a lot, but it can’t hide that man.

  • Odie

    Oh my gosh. Can someone PUHLEASE tell me if she is a man or woman because I’m sorry! I look at her and EVERY SINGLE BODY part screams Male.
    I have no idea who this person was until about a week ago and the very first thing I said was that it was a transvestite. But everyone keeps saying “she”.
    I’m telling ya right now that she’s not! Can’t be. No way.
    That is a man!
    Please help.

  • Odie

    Whoops, didn’t notice the comment before mine. Either way…..THANK YOU!
    FINALLY! Somebody from planet earth. Look at the knees too. ESPECIALLY the knees in that no no no video or whatever it was. I swear! That’s a friggin man.

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