And the Benoit murders get even weirder

According to People, someone altered Chris Benoit’s Wikipedia entry early Monday to read that he missed a WWE event over the weekend because his wife had just died. The weird part is, the entry was edited before authorities discovered her body.

Cary Bass of Wikipedia traced the alteration to an Internet protocol address registered in Stamford, Conn., where WWE’s headquarters are located, the Associated Press reports.

However, an IP address can be spoofed and the dates could have been fudged to incite some sort of conspiracy theory. Then again, someone could have told someone else before they told the public. As of today, Benoit’s Wikipedia entry is locked due to “vandalism.” Strange. Even though we may never know what happened, one thing we do know is that my sexiness has cured the terminally ill. They should make a statue out of me.

Update: The person who wrote it came forward and said it was a coincidence. Suuure, buddy.

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