Blake who?

Blake Lewis

American Idol runner-up Blake Lewis is already feeling the crush of Idol fame. While wandering around the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Vegas, four old ladies recognized him and one of them mustered up enough courage to talk to him. The National Enquirer says,

Blake just stared at her a few seconds. Then he looked at her square in the eye and snarled, ‘No!’ [She asked if he was Blake Lewis] That’s when one of the ladies said, ‘My, my, young man, you look so much like him.'” Lisa Anderson told The Enquirer.

After the disappointed women walked away, Lisa and her husband moved closer to Blake. “We saw him pull out his phone and quickly call someone,” she said. “We heard him say, ‘Hurry up and get down here fast! You wouldn’t believe all the people bothering me here!'”

If you think that’s bad, wait until you hear how he treats his younger fans. He breaks their kneecaps so they can’t run away when he starts beatboxing. Then he punctures their ear drums so his singing will be the last thing they ever hear. That’s mean.