Brittany Murphy probably did too much coke

Brittany Murphy claims she’s being stalked by “a high-powered Hollywood player” who sent agents to kidnap her current husband, Simon Monjack, for 10 days in April. However, those 10 days coincide with a National Enquirer report that Simon was jailed by US immigration for overstaying his visa.

“When he came back, he had head injuries,” says the former insider. “He was pale and sometimes had trouble standing.”
Not only that, but the former staffer also claims Murphy said she was unable to pay him because the money had been used for ransom.

Monjack probably isn’t a stranger to lying since he allegedly owes at least one film investor $16 million. So it stands to reason he must have spun an incredible web of deceit to trick Brittany. Like by telling her, “Got kidnapped by your Hollywood stalker for 10 days. Off to play golf, bye.” At first, Brittany was a little suspicious, but later realized his story was too detailed to be a lie. 10 days he said he was gone. Not a few days or a while, but exactly 10 days. “Details,” she whispered to herself, “it’s all in the details. “

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