Eva Mendes bans dad from sex scene

Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes filmed her first sex scene with Joaquin Phoenix in We Own the Night. But because of her strict Catholic upbringing, she has banned her dad from ever seeing it.

“It was very difficult for me to shoot. I was crying because it was my first ever love scene,” she explains.
“But at least you get it over with really fast – that’s the good part.”

Sounds a lot like my first time. Not! Hahahahhahaha… aha… sigh.

Eva Mendes from the gymEva Mendes from the gymEva Mendes from the gymEva Mendes from the gymEva Mendes from the gym

  • janedoe

    Um, homegirl was completely naked in Training Day though so I dont know what the big stretch is. I can understand not wanting your dad to see you gettin it on in a movie, but still….this really isnt such a big deal. I like her alot and I think shes totally adorable, but whatever. Maybe she was crying because she was so happy to be bumping nasties with Joaquin.

  • demonbane

    Look if you do sex scenes for money, expose yourself to someone other than your husband you aren’t exactly following the ten commandments and laws of God okay?

  • I didn’t even remember until you mentioned it that she was naked in Training Day.

  • melly

    bahahaha oh man that blemish dude cracks me up!!

  • sushil

    I couldnt understand that if these girls dont want to give a nude scene or are so shy that they want to restrict their parents from watching this nude scene who the hell has suggested them to work in movies . All of us know that you are an actor and you have to act as if its true now whats deal if you are naked ? you are paid huge amount so much that you will enjoy all your life on it and still you want to impose your likes and dislikes . If you cant do you should better sit at home none doctor has said that you have to work and YOU WORK AS AN ACTOR ONLY IF YOU CAN DO ALL THIS .

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