Friday time wasters

Izabel Goulart

Most of the comment spam bots overloading the site have been blocked thanks to mod_security. Those 100 spam comments in under a minute have been reduced to nothing. The site should load faster until they find something else to hock, but they’ll be blocked again. When the next phase of my plan is done, their bots will be pretty much useless. Enjoy. Now for some fun links.

  • Bastardly: Jailbait Hayden Panettiere Trying to Look Innocent!
  • Drunken Stepfather: Danielle Lloyd posing in a bikini like it’s a photoshoot.
  • CityRag: Cameron Diaz Ass Alert
  • Celebitchy: “Don’t say I’m thin,” says Angelina. You’re thin, Angelina.
  • NinjaDude: Don’t give Paris too much credit
  • CS: Flashback: 1984 David Lee Roth Interview
  • SOW: Ewww…a Chloe Sevigny upskirt
  • Celebrity Hack: David Justice is off the ass
  • Celeb Warship: Mandy Moore thinks Fez is tacky
  • Toxic Magazine: Gemma Atkinson does the bikini thing in Thailand. Did I post this already?
  • AB: Hell Hath No Fury Like Courtney Love Scorned
  • Popbytes: Barbara Walters also gets a star. Right next to the dead homeless guy.
  • Glitterati: Boy Band Mogul Lou Pearlman Arrested
  • HB: Britney Spears Codependent BFF Alli Sims
  • Grumpiest: Izabel Goulart is a Drink I’d Like to Down

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