Inmates love Paris Hilton

Inmates at the Century Regional Detention Facility have welcomed Paris Hilton with open arms and probably won’t beat her as hoped. Hilton’s stay has resulted in everyone being treated better to stave off accusations of special treatment. One inmate jokingly compared it to staying at the Hilton.

“Since she was here last week, they started giving us double bologna, double apple juices. Two blankets instead of one – and a sheet, too! Everyone has cookies coming out of their pockets,” said Rosemary Gibbons, 35, who was released from the jail yesterday.

“There is extra food everywhere, and now they take you at the clinic right away if you are sick and they don’t charge you. It’s usually $3 for medical, now it’s free.”

Whoa, let’s not get too crazy here. We want them rehabilitated, not given a free stay in paradise. Double bologna, double apple juices, free medicals and an extra blanket?! Next thing you know, they’ll want to inject them with real medicine instead of that needle filled with toilet water.

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Peace X Peace
16 years ago

The entire Paris Hilton episode has underlined — for any quaint soul on the planet who still doubts it — that in the infotainment age, celebrity is the coin of the realm. The most obviously catastrophic misfortunes could befall you since God smote Job with the boils. But if you haven’t a celebrity on your side, you haven’t a hope of being heard. It’s a lesson we know all too well at Peace X Peace. Oh, and factor in the varying degrees of celebrity while you’re at it. And then there’s the level of commitment by your cause’s celebrity. You… Read more »

16 years ago

Keep your chin up Paris!!
how can you resist this sad pouty face???

KING Vernon
16 years ago

Bastards, jail is about nothing double. You are supposed to be serving jail time.

mullah cimoc
mullah cimoc
16 years ago

mullah cimoc say paris hilton the good and the courage. him not run away, but go to jail. this calld the charcter. she the beautifuyl and the natural and having so many baby in future to be good wife and mother. but lesbian ameriki and lesbian ameriki mans hating her for natural the beauty and normal liking the boy. ameriki so wicked and hate the woman unless she killing the baby and liking the lesbian. in waziristan this not happen. father him not allow anyone hurting him daughter. taking the “special measure”. but ameriki so tame now. no respect for… Read more »