Jodie Sweetin has talent

Jodie Sweetin

Jodie Sweetin was at the launch of the Pink Taco restaurant in LA sporting some ginormous boobs. You may remember her as Stephanie Tanner on Full House. From now on you’ll remember her as the girl from Full House with the enormous rack. And after you mention the last part, everybody will go, “Ahhhh,” and know exactly who you’re talking about. Except Dave Coulier. He’ll be busy in the corner impersonating cartoons and doing the “Cut, It, Out,” thing with his hands.

Jodie Sweetin boobsJodie Sweetin boobsJodie Sweetin boobsJodie Sweetin boobsJodie Sweetin boobs

  • Scootie

    hahaha ever heard of push-up bra’s?

  • I would like some extremely high quality pictures of this “push-up bra” you speak of in action. For my studies.

  • Ryan

    She looks so much better when she isn’t addicted to meth!

  • Ryan, I think that’s generally how things go.

  • corey

    man she is hot. I like to see her in playboy.

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