Joe Francis is free in Nevada

The United States magistrate has allowed Joe Francis to be free on $1.5 million bail. In federal custody for nearly a month, Joe Francis may now proceed to film boobies. Or can he? TMZ speculates Francis has more trouble coming his way as Florida will now be able to drag him down south for some Sunshine State justice. Happily, Florida can pick from these charges: sexual performance with a minor and bringing contraband into the county jail where he was holed up for a month.

Upon hearing this, Joe Francis began to cry… again. Aww, poor little baby. It’s not fun when you’re the one being passed around like a used condom is it? Note: I don’t pass around used condoms and I don’t know why anyone would, but I hear it happens. I presume it’s because women keep them as souvenirs. Girls are gross.

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