John and Jessica break up again, people forget to care

Jessica Simpson and John Mayer have once again called it quits. Unwilling to put the final nail in the coffin, people on Simpson’s side say the door is always open for another reconciliation. Coincidentally, last week Jessica was rumored to be seeing Tony Romo.

“They broke up Sunday night, but who knows what the future will hold,” says a Simpson source. “This is the twelfth time they’ve broken up. Their relationship is volatile. Last week they felt better than ever. This week, things are rocky. Who knows what the future will bring.”

I know what the future will bring. Cookies. Specifically, double stuffed Oreo cookies. Tee-hee, I said “double stuffed”. Oh no, I’m turning into Jessica Simpson. Ahhhh!

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16 years ago

Oh please tell me that is NOT her name embroidered on her sweatshirt. OMG. How can any guy take a girl seriously who wears teeny-bopper stuff like that?