John Stamos is loopy

I linked to this yesterday, but here’s more. On an Australian press tour for his show ER, an unshaven John Stamos appeared disorientated and slurred his speech during an interview with Daily Telegraph TV writer Stephen Downie. Later, Stamos was a guest on Kerri-Ann Kennerley’s morning show, again acting weird. When asked about his “tired and emotional condition” in his interview with the Daily Telegraph, John Stamos said Downie had a small penis. Stamos then insulted Kerri-Ann’s outfit and began gyrating with a prop. At the end,

Stamos capped off the interview by comparing himself to Elvis Presley and Princess Diana, and is quoted as saying: “Who else has died? My career after coming to Australia.”

John and Paula Abdul should really hook-up. They can compare how drunk they are for different TV appearances and make up excuses as to why they’re drunk. Jet lag, medication, hernia, perforated bowel, explosive diarrhea, a gnome attacking their eardrums. You know, stuff people would believe.

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