Justin Timberlake is a nice guy

Justin Timberlake appreciates his fans. Just ask the Swedish. During his stay in Sweden for his world tour, JT refused to pose for pictures, threw stuff at the locals from his hotel and even spat on them. In retaliation, Swedes called him a “fuckface” to which he replied,

“You’re calling me a fuckface? Go f**k yourself!”

A little girl also felt the rage of white Michael Jackson.

Earlier the same day, a little girl asked him if she could take a picture of him, to which he responded: “You want me to juggle also?”

I’m tough. I like to harass little girls too. Slap them around a little. Take their lunch money. But only when there isn’t an adult around. Because, uh, I don’t want to have to unleash my fists of fury. Yea, that’s it. So don’t even try to take me on. You’ll be sorry. Eeek! Ok, ok. Here. Take it, take it all. Just, don’t hurt me.

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15 years ago

What the hell is Jessica Biel doing with this loser? I don’t understand the attraction at all.

15 years ago

Who are the assholes buying this douche’s records? This guy looks like a shriveled, lightly fuzzed testicle- and sings like a crepitating anus.

agent bedhead
15 years ago

Fuckface. Hahahahaaaaaa!

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