Lindsay Lohan likes knives, pinched nipples

Lindsay Lohan

Here’s some pictures of Lindsay Lohan playing with a knife, flashing her bra and getting her nipple pinched. I don’t know if these are old or new, but I haven’t seen them so that makes them new because I’m always right. That’s what it says on my mug I bought for myself. My friends tell me that’s not how the joke works, but what do they know, they’re not even real.

For some reason, the Lindsay news keeps coming despite being in rehab (kind of). She could take a dump in the woods and the media would be all over it. Meanwhile, I take a dump in the middle of my street and the police have to be involved. There’s no justice in the world.

Found more info. The photos were taken four months ago at a house party. NOTW also has interesting tales from Lindsay’s rehab which include: calling Paris Hilton a coke whore, saying Nicole Richie just needs to eat and was hurt that Calum Best did lines off a hooker. A source also claims Lindsay took drugs to give her the confidence to hit on stars like Jude Law, who she says has a big dick, and James Blunt.

Lindsay Lohan kniferLindsay Lohan kniferLindsay Lohan kniferLindsay Lohan kniferLindsay Lohan knifer

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13 years ago

I heard the other girl in the pic is Vanessa Minillo. Is that really her?

13 years ago

looks like her!!!

13 years ago

That’s definitely Vanessa, but I don’t see any nipple pinching. Still, it’s very hot that VM is tugging LL’s top down. Vanessa seemed like such a nice girl. Not that I mind!

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