Lindsay Lohan was on coke during her accident

Over Memorial Day weekend, Lindsay Lohan was involved in an accident and arrested on suspicion of DUI while a usable amount of cocaine was found in her car. Today, law enforcement officials have toxicology reports indicating Lindsay Lohan had twice the legal limit of alcohol and traces of coke in her bloodstream when she crashed her Mercedes into a curb. The Beverley Hills Police Department could present the case to the LA District Attorney in the next couple of days.

This could spell trouble for Lindsay Lohan. She’s likely to go to jail for, gasp, 3 days if mean mister judge has anything to say about it. Sure, there was that incident about preferential treatment for Paris, but this is Lindsay. A bona fide star. And she was only drunk driving and high on blow. Not like she was smashing puppies with a hammer.

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