Michael Moore wouldn’t like this

Page Six reports Harvey Weinstein hired Krull Securities to be his minions in combating piracy. Krull set up fake sites that promised users they would be able to watch Michael Moore’s new movie SiCKO for free. All users had to do was enter in their personal information. This method is best described as natural selection. Weinstein says,

“We created lots of phony sites, and people had to input their private information to gain access to ‘SiCKO.’ We are turning over all the information to the police and prosecutors and are stopping Internet piracy.”

Judging by the video above, Weinstein and Moore may have differing opinions on copyright law. And this may be one of the few times I have respect for Michael Moore. The other time was when he ate an In-n-Out 10×10 burger in less than a minute and accidentally ate the baby that was grabbing on to it too.

Celebitchy also talked about this.

Update: Nevermind, still a douche.

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