Nicole Richie isn’t pregnant?

According to CBS2Chicago, a source close to Nicole Richie says she’s neither pregnant nor engaged to that douche bag from Good Charlotte.

I’m confident that Paris Hilton’s TV reality co-star is not pregnant — nor is she engaged to Good Charlotte rocker Joel Madden, despite being seen sporting a big sparkler. Turns out that huge diamond was a loaner from a top Hollywood jeweler — worn by Richie to a Tinseltown charity fete.

Umm, so Nicole Richie is just fat in these photos? That’s sad. If she can’t even starve herself correctly, then how is she going to take care of a baby. Oh right, she’s not pregnant. I think the baby will have something to say about that. I hope people go up to her and congratulate her on her new kid. She’ll keep saying she’s not pregnant and to prove it, will let whoever says it kick her in the stomach. Which is why I wear these steel-toed boots. Mama said to always be prepared.

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