Paris Hilton released from jail

At 11:35 p.m., Kathy and Rick Hilton arrived at Lynwood jail followed by a caravan of paparazzi to pick up Paris. At 12:20, Paris Hilton walked out of prison in what can best be described as a model walk. She shook hands, hugged a few deputies and made her way into the awaiting black SUV.

Tomorrow night, Paris will appear on Larry King Live as a changed person, supposedly. She’s made plans to open up a transitional home and has vowed to stop “acting” dumb. It’s not apparent how a retard can stop acting like a retard, but Paris wants to try. Aww, that’s cute! The best part of the night was when 2 paparazzi sprinted alongside Paris’ SUV trying to get the money shot. They were fast. I mean, Olympic fast. Like a pair of cheetahs. They must have been Kenyans… from Kenya! Video after the jump.

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