Paris might be force fed

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I thought I’d complete the unholy four this morning with a story about Paris Hilton. Doctors were concerned Paris looked weak and lethargic citing that she lost 5 lbs. in a week and is now down to 100 lbs. Worried that a rich white girl would die in their jail, they threatened to stick an IV with food in her unless she started eating. The Sun reports,

“Staff became worried as she seems very thin with her bones poking out. She was also very weak and lethargic.

They threatened to put her on an intravenous drip to rehydrate her and give her some nourishment unless she started eating.

She has since managed to get a little food down, but doctors are closely monitoring her.”

You know that trick parents use to give their babies medicine by hiding pills in their food? They can do that for Paris Hilton. Just hide a lot of veggies in a cup of spunk. You’d be amazed at how quickly it goes down.

Note: The Sun also says Jack Osbourne slept with Paris Hilton. Besides people who still value their dignity, who hasn’t?

  • Rev

    I wish people would at least use enough of the cheesy “they let you grab them by the pussy” to remind people he was bragging about the things gold diggers let rich guys do.

  • LegalDementia

    Obama was actually a bigger racist than Trump but the “Nobel Prize Winner” is given a free pass by the liberal media and KoolAid drinking Democrats because he was something new and had to be praised and protected because of his color. His administration was racked with corruption (IRS, State Department, DOJ, FBI, NSA, Benghazi coverup, etc.), race relations deteriorated significantly (Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, Dallas, Travon Martin, The Beer Summit, Black Lives Matter, Al Sharpton, Jeremiah Wright, etc.) under useless Barry. He gave us Hillary Clinton, hilariously calling her “the most qualified person ever to run for POTUS!” Together they wrecked the Democratic party for years to come and created racial divisions that may never heal. So when an asshole, pseudo-journalist like Erc Karnes calls Trump a racist…you just have to laugh!

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