Paula Abdul is a princess

After American Idol fired both Randy and Paula as judges due to slipping ratings (supposedly), Paula Abdul managed to secure a reality show on Bravo titled Hey Paula. First reports indicate the show contains a medley of Paula Abdul quotes. For example, “I’m tired of people not treating me like the gift that I am.” There are also instances where she acts sort of “crazy.”

In the first episode, set to air June 28, the “American Idol” judge appears addled after the 2007 Grammy Awards. She stumbles on the street and giggles in the back of her limo (“I crack myself up!”) before her mood darkens and she berates two assistants for not bringing her sweat pants to change into for a flight.

There’s Paula and there’s that kid who won the spelling bee, Evan O’Dorney. The only difference between them is the kid seems a little smarter and probably isn’t drunk. Video after the jump.

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