Pete Wentz gets in another fight

Pete Wentz

The Chicagoist has a first hand account of a fight between an angry Pete Wentz and a fan. On his way out after finishing up a set, Pete confronted a guy who made fun of his relationship with Ashley Simpson and hurt him, right here, in the heart.

…teased him about his relationship with Ashlee Simpson on his way out, and the shit (and a well-aimed beer bottle) then promptly hit the “fan.” It wasn’t immediately clear what Wentz down, but we caught a glimpse of Pete on the floor with the other dude on top of him. To the venue’s credit, they hustled us out of there and were ready and waiting when the cops arrived.

And so ends another night with Pete Wentz underneath an imaginably sweaty dude. The only difference this time was the fact people couldn’t figure out which one bled. My money is on the other dude since Pete has enough man on man experience that his ass instinctively relaxes.

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