Randy Couture on Dancing With the Stars?

Have you been longing for the day a current UFC heavyweight champion would be on Dancing With the Stars? Well, the wait is over. You’ll soon be able to die happy because current UFC champ, Randy Couture, has been in talks with casting directors of Dancing With the Stars. Although no official deal has been made yet, he is expected to be offered a spot on next season’s show and says it would be a “great experience.”

Ballroom dancing? Try ballroom knees to the face. The tango? Try tango knees to the face. And so on. I hope he brings some levity to the show like when he just can’t get a move down, in a fit of frustration, he’ll contort his face and go, “Arrrrgghhhh!” before giving his partner a right hook and maybe raining in a few elbows. Or he could impress me and be really light on his feet. Either way, I’ll be amused.

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