Rosie O’Donnell is so controversial

A picture of Rosie O’Donnell’s daughter, Vivienne, dressed as a child soldier has caused quite the controversy among her readers proving they’re just as batty as Rosie. Posted to her blog yesterday, the image is coupled with a video featuring the line “Last Year a Princess” which turns into “This Year a Soldier.” One astute reader wrote,

“Do you think it is right to use your own daughter in such a manner to further your own political agenda? Are you really so hungry for public attention that you’d stoop to such a low level?”

To which Rosie responded, “art provokes.” Bravo you cow. It’s readily apparent all Rosie is is an attention starved manatee and that most of her readers have too much time on their hands. If Rosie really wanted to make a statement, she’d chop her arms off and then run into the ocean. I don’t know what that statement would be for exactly, but we can figure something out.

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16 years ago

That poor child is the double of her. That’s more upsetting, tbh.

16 years ago

this nasty sow makes me ashamed to be queer. she is nearly enough to make me turn to the republican side. she makes democrats look awful and republicans look sympathetic.