Spurs win. Eva Longoria is happy

Last night at the NBA finals, the Spurs defeated the Cavs and Eva Longoria’s husband to be won MVP. Which explains why Eva dry humped Tony in the middle of the court. I remember when I won my first NBA championship. Wait, no. I mean, I remember when I stuffed 32 marshmallows in my mouth which was almost like winning an NBA championship. Chubby bunny or should I say, chuweee wunnneee.

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15 years ago

I’d like to make Eva happy … by sticking my schlong up her poop-shoot several hunderd times!

Unheard Of
Unheard Of
15 years ago

Where are the other wives and girlfriends?, she’s such a MEDIA WHORE

Tony save yourself, she’s even holding HIS TROPHY and taking pictures with HIS team, I’ve never seen ANY wife or girlfriend do that.

She looks PATHETIC, why does she have to go overboard, and make US sick

Tony your young explore life. These woman in entertainment IRONICALLY have a HARD TIME finding men amongst there peers.

Don’t let yourself be an accessory.

kathy a. zigmond
kathy a. zigmond
15 years ago

i am glad that she is happy. i hope that they will get marry soon. kathy

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