The ‘Akon throws a kid off stage’ afternoon recap

You’ve inevitably seen this video by now. Here’s Akon throwing a kid off the stage onto the ground like he’s king of the mountain. All because the kid threw a water bottle at him. It would have been cooler if he dry humped him around the stage like he did with that girl.

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Here’s the Akon video again from another angle.

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he’s a fucking disgusting pig, the boy’s parents should sue his ass that fuckhole.. what does he think he is? he’s an ugly pig and i’d rather watch paris hilton perform than go to his one of his fucked up shows.. this guy needs to get his ass straightened out , someone needs to tell him that he’s not simba.. what an asshole


Whats the big deal? People get throwned off stage all the time at shows.That was nothing.Ive seen ten times way worse than that.If u have the balls to throw objects at the performer then be man enuff to get your ass dealt with.If akon were a white rock lead singer at a punk rock show throwing kids into the audience this wouldnt even be an issue.This is not that big of a deal


U need 2 shut your mouth bitch calling akon a pig u da pig he don’t need 2 be strighting out its dats kids fult he was a punk and think he’s kool so how bout I throw sumthing at your face u wounldnt like it I am tired of people puting akon down he don’t do anything wrong it anit a big problem dat kid should have died 4 all I care he da asshole not akon so shut your mouth keep it close


Hey akon fucking rocks


shot the bastard no 1 like akon hes a dick and whoever throw the bottle is a legend i would sue akons ass hes a cunt shot the bastard shot the bastard shot the bastard hes a fucking cunt. b ur right


wtf his ass should get straitend out black fucking bitch

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