Vanessa Minnillo is the one in the knife pictures

The girl Lindsay Lohan holds a knife to in those risqué pictures is indeed Vanessa Minnillo says Page Six. As a result, the ex-TRL host may now have a hard time finding work. Add to that many have labeled Minnillo as “extremely high maintenance” and it’s possible her career may have flatlined.

When producers flew her to Los Angeles to cover the Grammys, “she was extremely high maintenance,” said one source. “She insisted they fly her own hair and makeup people and her personal assistant out with her every time she flew to L.A. She only flew first class and stayed at the Four Seasons, and then she didn’t want to work. Vanessa wants to be a celebrity, not interview them. She wouldn’t conduct post-show interviews because she wanted to party. She expected to be paid a full-time salary for a part-time job.”

Believe me, I’ve tried getting by on looks in Hollywood. It doesn’t work. I know, I know. You guys are all shocked. Casting directors have called me “too photogenic” and “sexy to the point of uncomfortableness” and “that creepy guy who stole my panties”. No, wait. Jessica Alba said that last one and she’s a liar. A GD filthy liar who leaves skid marks on her panties.

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16 years ago

I had a lesbo dream (nightmare?) last night, in which Lohan featured :(

16 years ago

Nicolina, I think you should run with that and draw up some steamy pictures.

For the greater good of course…