Victoria Beckham is having a hard time

Victoria Beckham has found it difficult to break into the US market and still doesn’t feel comfortable on the big stage. Victoria tells Metro UK,

“I get so nervous. The MTV Awards were so, so nerve-racking. I’m useless at speeches, so I’m glad I got a second chance to make another speech tonight [Beckham flew to England for another event after leaving the MTV Awards] and thank all the people close to me. I’m really, really exhausted. If you come closer, you’ll see the make-up covering the bags under my eyes.”

Victoria looks like a whored out Jessica Rabbit wearing a zebra bed sheet from the 80’s. Her hobbies are not eating, not working and being paid vast sums of money for it. I’m amazed she hasn’t already taken the US by storm. People can really relate to her.

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16 years ago


I think that she has doing something her nose……..