All aboard the Valtrex train? Sweet!

Looks like the NYDN doesn’t have a special place in their heart for Paris Hilton because they’re welcoming Tyler Atkins aboard the Valtrex train. The two were spotted making out yesterday at the Polaroid Beach House. NYDN dug up a Youtube interview (which they made me search for myself, bastards) of the 21-year-old t-shirt designer supposedly talking about the time he was drugged and raped by Paris Hilton (video above around the 3:00 mark). Tyler says,

“And she gave me like four of these pills that were like Vicodin; they were like Rohypnols or something. Heavy, heavy.

“And she drugged me, this famous chick. … I woke up in her spa bath with her and her best friend. We were in the spa bath, full-on threesome.”

I assume this happens often. Half of LA knows Paris Hilton is infected with something or other. It would make sense she’d have to drug her lovers. In that respect, she’s pretty clever. Like some sort of sex-starved Brain from Pinky and the Brain. And if you think about it, Valtrex should really pay Paris a referral fee if they haven’t already. It’s only fair. Here’s Paris being Paris. One of these is NSFW.

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