Brad Pitt has had enough

Brad Pitt reportedly stormed off on his motorcycle feeling miserable. Supposedly, Brad and Angelina are in a rocky phase in their relationship — I think that means no anal — and just needed time to think.

Brad drove over 6 hours despite bad weather to eat with his pals, and the source said Pitt felt free while riding the motorcycle. “He’s so famous, but with a helmet covering his face, no one knows it’s him.”

According to a ‘friend,’ Pitt stormed off because he can’t seem to make Jolie happy. “He cooks her favorite meals, brings her flowers and writes her notes. Angelina seems to appreciate it, but it’s not enough to make her happy.”

“Angelina tends to fall out of love as quickly as she falls in love. If she woke up one morning and suddenly decided that she was bored with Brad – that’s just Angelina’s style – she’s done it before,” a source says.

Angelina is also said to be trying for another baby, but can’t because she’s too thin. It’s for the best. She already has 9 kids or something. Any more would be stupid. What happens when all of them misbehave. It’s not like she has an unlimited supply of closets to lock them in. She’d have to start disciplining them with a ruler and that’s a definite no-no. Those things leave marks. And marks lead to questions. And questions make daddy unhappy. Therein begins the viscious cycle.

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16 years ago

Brad,what goes around comes around!!! First, You were not happy about anything that Jen did for you over the years that she was with you.It is your turn to feel it!!
And also your ‘goddess’ has broken many hearts before,dont think that you are going to be exceptional!!! Baby be ready for more……………….I pray that all of you go to hell for treating others bad………….And one more thing,you are not cute!!!!