Britney Spears’ cousin is a traitor

Britney Spears’ former assistant, Alli Sims, has given Kevin Federline detailed info on Britney’s erratic behavior. This will be used by Kevin to try and gain sole custody of their two kids, Sean and Jayden.

“Alli gave specific instances where Brit couldn’t handle having the kids. Kevin was angry at Britney for putting his kids in jeopardy and immediately phoned his lawyer to investigate the claims further. He couldn’t believe she had gotten so out of control.”

What could Kevin use against Britney. Hmm, well.

Spears was recently spotted driving with her younger son Jayden facing forward in his car seat, not backward as federal guidelines require. And earlier this month, he was photographed grabbing his mother’s cigarettes.

At this point in time, the guy known as K-Fed is actually the better choice for a parent. I’m surprised Britney hasn’t accidentally drowned her kids in the bathtub yet or pushed them to the ground trying to pry the last cookie from their weak little fingers. I can just imagine her screaming, “Dat’s muh cookie, Preston. Gimme!” while she whacks him with a rolled up magazine until he lets go.

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