Britney Spears really loves to write

Angry that her mother, Lynne Spears, pushed her into rehab, Britney Spears wrote a bitter poem entitled Dear Mama and delivered it along with legal papers to Lynne while she was on set of her daughter, Jamie Lynn’s, show. Star says,

In the poem, Spears lamented “that she didn’t have a mom anymore and she couldn’t imagine a mother doing what she did to her child.”

“Britney said, ‘Here Momma, I just wanted to see your face,'” a source told Star. “Then she got into her car and drove off. Lynne went into the trailer and broke down in tears.”

Britney and her mom are also fighting over her two children Sean Preston and Jayden James. Britney alleges Lynne is working in tandem with Kevin Federline to take her children away and even reportedly has a recording of the two conspiring against her. In it, Kevin tells Lynne his case was going well and he was just going to let Britney hang herself in court.

The only people who didn’t want Britney to check into rehab were me, her dealer and clubs. Without everyone telling her what a tubby mess she was, she’d still be at home inhaling Cheeto sandwiches and undressing at clubs and I’d be writing about how authorities found Britney near death from an apparent overdose in her house, but later discovered it was a food coma caused by marshmallow stuffed turkeys and un-baked brownie mix. I think that would have been more fun than writing about silly poems and nonsensical letters. Here she is delivering the poem. As you can see, she’s always at the forefront of fashion with her pocket hanging out of her short shorts.

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