Courtney Love’s mouth is jacked up

According to a blog entry on Courtney Love’s MySpace page, she has a wonky mouth, but not because of bad plastic surgery. No, no. Courtney’s never undergone plastic surgery. It’s because the doctor didn’t take out enough last time and now she wants her original mouth back. What?

my mouth still looks wonky, i think i gott go back to paris tot he dr, hes nit a cosmetic surgeon he just fixes bad surgery and also cleft palates and serious s**t its nbot really vanity hes conservtive, wich we like, and this really isnt znyones business but im hating that id di that to my mouth back in the day and he didnt really take out enough the first time around i just wnt the mouth god gave me back, it was perfectly cute.

Oh, ok. The guy isn’t a cosmetic surgeon because he fixes cleft palates and “serious s**t” and he’s “conservative.” Does that mean that even though he does boob jobs, he refuses to implant anything above a DD because it’s too ridiculous? I don’t get it. Explain to me again why you went to the doctor to make your mouth look like a FoxTrot character. I don’t think I’m getting through to her. Let me put it another way. curtny, your zn idiit. fx yor god dmn “A” key.

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