Criss Angel is married?

Despite a very public romance with Cameron Diaz, Page Six today reveals Criss Angel is still married to a woman by the name of Joanne Sarantakos and has had a relationship with her for the past 15 years. Joanne recently filed for divorce and will subpoena Diaz to testify about their romance.

Angel – who changed his name from Sarantakos and moved to Las Vegas after he hit the big time with his TV show “Mindfreak” – kept his wife of five years “as a secret” to increase his sex appeal to female fans, Barbara said.

He kept his wife a secret and she only now files for divorce. This has to be the most idiotic woman in the world or the most patient gold digger. For any normal person, upon hearing the words, “it’s better if no one knew about you,” alarms would go off. A red danger light would flash while a booming voice repeats, “Warning, warning.” It’s safe to say this didn’t happen for Joanne. If you could have peered into her mind when Criss told her she’d be his “secret” wife, you would have seen a monkey doing back-flips on a trampoline while circus music played in the background.

Update: Cameron says she’s not a home wrecker.

“When Cameron met Criss Angel in May of this year, he had been separated from his wife for over a year and she had already filed a petition to divorce him in 2006. Cameron and Criss went on only four dates over a month ago and have no current relationship.”

“These are meaningless, attention-seeking attempts to unfairly and unnecessarily exploit Cameron’s celebrity by trying to involve her in matters she has nothing to do with.”

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16 years ago

If you watched the show, you’d know that he had her on there sometimes. Though I will admit that he only introduced her as, “my girl” or something along the lines of that.

16 years ago

Criss Angel is NOT the anti christ or the new jesus,hes just a guy doing what he loves…..which is magic……i dont believe that that slut cameron diaz ruined his marrige……we all know that hes a fine ass mofo…….and Joannis just a bitch cause all she is doing is trying to get criss’s money……….
Thats all….
O yeah and i love criss angel…….