Denise Richards didn’t see it coming

A friend of Denise Richards reveals a romantic vacation in Hawaii ended badly for her when, instead of an expected marriage proposal, then boyfriend Richie Sambora dumped her. It took three months for anyone to realize or care they had broken up because, like any rational woman, she pretended they were still together. In the June issue of Galmour, Denise said,

“Recently we went to Hawaii and people came up to us and said, ‘We’re so happy for the two of you,'” she said.
“So people are starting to accept the relationship, realizing it’s not just a fling.”

I’m not sure why she’d want to pretend they were still together. Richie Sambora looks like a real life cookie monster. It’s like if you were cured of cancer. You wouldn’t keep staying in the hospital. No. You’d run around the cancer ward calling all the terminally ill kids “suckas.”

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Hawaii cruise vacations gal

What is it with us women and the “bad boy syndrome”? Also, why can’t we just see situations just the way they truly are?

We are raised, as little girls, to be nice and smile. To pretend. That is the way we think we will have love. It’s no surprise to we see tons of women pretending.