Eva Longoria got married

On Saturday, Eva Longoria is expected to have a lavish wedding at a Paris church that used to serve French royals. Earlier today, however, Longoria arrived in a stretch limo at Paris’ city hall where she was joined by Tony Parker, who exited a gray minivan, to wed in a civil ceremony. French law requires couples to take vows at city hall even if they have a church wedding. A direct contrast to America where couples go straight to their lawyers to iron out the divorce before marrying. Zing! In an interview with La Parisien, Tony Parker also said he would love to have kids.

“That would be even better than my NBA titles, even if I don’t compare private life and sports,” he told the newspaper. “Eva talks to me about it all the time. I’d like to have girls, because I come from a world of boys.”

Nothing is better than your NBA titles. Not even babies. When you talk about how many NBA titles you’ve won, guys are in awe. You can actually see them falling in love with you. When you talk about babies, guys give you a weird look. Although, maybe they’d be more interested if I was talking about my own babies and not swinging someone else’s around by the leg.

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